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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go behind the scenes and work with the alpacas?

This is an opportunity to work with us as part of the Wetley Moor Alpacas team. You will be welcomed by member of staff and given a safety briefing and a talk about what to expect from your experience. 

The experience will include feeding, watering, cleaning out stables, poo picking fields and learning all about what it takes to look after alpacas and our other farm animals. This is an opportunity to get up close, behind the scenes as part of the team and learn how to handle, and care for the alpacas. We will teach you all about the alpacas and you will see their individual characters. 

The experience will last for 2 hours.



Come and learn how to look after alpacas, get involved in the daily activities involved in keeping alpacas, learn how to headcollar and handle our alpacas and then take your alpaca out for a trek on the moor. 


Suitable for ages 8-16, children must be accompanied by a supervisory adult.

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